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 Estate Planning and Asset Protection

Organize your financials and develop an asset preservation plan now to protect your family and your assets and insure that you can afford quality-based care in the future.




Customized estate planning strategies for individuals, families, and seniors are designed to carry out the wishes of our clients for management and distribution of assets during their lifetimes or after death.

Disability & Special Needs
Second Marriages
Business Succession Planning
Life Insurance Trusts
Tax & Gift Tax Planning
Limited Liability Companies
Family Limited Partnerships
Last Will & Testament
Special Needs Trust
Life Insurance Trusts
Spendthrift Trusts
Generation-skipping Trusts
Revocable, Irrevocable & Grantor Trusts
Charitable Remainder and Lead Trusts
Qualified Personal Residents Trusts (QPRTs)

With a thorough analysis of assets and needs, we help our clients take advantage of innovative methods of asset protection taking into account inheritance tax law, property rights, and the special needs of beneficiaries.

If you own a family company, we can help you with the critical business succession planning that is needed to transfer the legacy of your company to family members, key employees or new owners, address planned or unexpected departures, and transfer leadership as well as control of the operations.

The goal of estate tax planning is to maximize and protect your wealth and to minimize transfer taxes. We develop a customized plan for our clients which takes into account the estate, gift, generation-skipping transfer and income tax consequences.

Estate Planning Concerns & SSI Benefits
Estate Planning Questions & Answers

Each family's situation is unique. Trusts may be needed to protect and control an inheritance for minor children. Disabled beneficiaries, or beneficiaries living in nursing homes or receiving public benefits may require Special Needs Trusts that can protect benefits for a person with disabilities. When court approval is required, we will pursue the necessary action for you.

We tailor our advice to your specific situation.