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 A Team Approach With Our Experienced Elder Care Lawyers


Our certified Elder Law attorneys provide hands-on assistance throughout the planning process, as well as represent you if litigation is needed. We leave no stone unturned in getting you the protection you need.




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What Is A Certified Elder Law Attorney?
An Elder Law Attorney is certified through the National Elder Law Foundation, which is an accrediting organization approved by the American Bar Association and recognized by the New Jersey Supreme Court.


Elder Law is a field of practice in which we address your global issues of aging & disability by using our knowledge of many areas of the law.

While it may not be obvious, your situation may need to  involve  real estate, wills & estate planning, trusts, tax, benefit programs like Social Security and Medicaid, contract review, employment arrangements, health care facility law, creation of arrangements for decision-making such as powers of attorney or guardianship, and possibly even  matrimonial law or veterans' benefits. Every day, we work with families coping with Alzheimers, Parkinsons, and other disabling conditions.

We help you identify your problem and we provide solutions which are tailored for you. A team approach with our experienced elder care lawyers assures you that all necessary legal issues will be addressed.

To serve you with the highest quality of counsel possible, we have three elder law attorneys at our Firm. Linda Ershow-Levenberg and Gene Rosner have been certified in Elder Law by the National Elder Law Foundation (NELF), the ABA-approved organization recognized by the Supreme Court, since 1999 and 1995. Linda is a member of the NELF Council of Advanced Practitioners, an invitation-only council. Lauren S. Marinaro has a Masters of Law (LLM) in Elder Law.

Our elder law attorneys strive to preserve the health, safety and welfare of clients who are aged or disabled while at the same time helping you preserve your assets and provide the protection you want for your family members. By setting up an arrangement for assisted decision-making and for management of assets, we can help you achieve peace of mind and protect your lifestyle.

Medicaid Planning
Medicaid Applications & Appeals
Nursing Home Admissions & Contracts
Special Needs Planning
Real Estate Transactions
Powers of Attorney
Wills & Trusts
Patients' Rights
Health Care Directives
"Living Wills"

Our elder law attorneys will identify the need for Durable Powers of Attorney, Health Care Directives ("Living Wills"), Trusts or Guardianship when the elderly are unable to speak for themselves due to a medical crisis or if their quality of life or mental capacity is diminished. You may need to apply for government benefits such as Medicaid. Our elder law attorneys will help you with the application process and represent you in your appeal if your benefits are denied.

Medicaid, Long Term Care, and Nursing Home Planning: Until it is needed, most people are unaware that Medicare and most private health insurance policies do not cover what is needed in the way of "custodial" care such as nursing home care. Our elder law attorneys help you plan for the financing of assisted living, home care or nursing home care in order to preserve your hard-earned assets.

Special Needs Trusts can protect the income and resources of Medicaid recipients who are under age 65.